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Sep. 2nd, 2008

Layla Seriously

Way Random....But I Just Remembered About It

Yesterday of course I had to work. This is what happens when one finds herself back in retail, oh well. Anywho I had a bunch of winners for customers, a few cranky, a couple crazy, some normal and then a couple that were so chat worthy. One of the customers I got was a lady that looked like she maybe was in her late thirties, maybe early fourties and was yeah a smidgen overweight but not huge huge. Well she had one of those fun little oxygen machines helping her breathe and I assumed smoking or maybe some sort of lung dealio. I got to chatting with her and found out it was a lung/heart condition that came on after working at some sort of plant with obvious toxic fumes hanging out in the air and she was somewhere in her mid-thirties. She also told me that people would just assume that she had the machine because of smoking or, now get this, because she was fat?!? I looked at her and said "are you serious?" People seriously think that if you are even a little overweight you are automatically going to have to walk around with an oxygen machine???? What are people raising here?? Now I told her that my first assumption, yes, was from smoking.

Anywho I just needed to share that definite "WTF" moment of my day yesterday.

Jul. 28th, 2008


Well Dammit!!!

So this cycle is done and well should be gone but of course I obviously did not ovulate. They took blood to test my progesterone levels last Saturday and the Saturday before that and it was like .5 the first time and then .6 this last time. So they want to do another ultrasound, do provera again, of course and then up my clomid. I am worried they are going to take too long to do stuff because Shaun's company is going to be sold and well that more then likely means new insurance. Which of course they may not cover as much, hopefully they do though. Oh well whatever happens will happen with reason I believe. I had false hope that it worked this month, but really should have known better because I can tell when I am ovulating.

Jul. 12th, 2008

New Mug

Stolen from freyalynn

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Jul. 9th, 2008

Layla Seriously

Car Door Ding

Ok so I looked back and apparently I did not mention the door issue I have right now. As many of you know I go every Friday and play free poker. Well of course you meet lots of people there and over the months I have learned of some of them being realtors, which well could seriously help my financial situation possibly. So I started talking to this one lady and she needed someone to do her flyers and such (wheeeeeee). We set up a meeting at her house to go over what she needed done and how much she needed to pay me and all that good stuff. Well during said meeting I met her associate and then of course her husband (whom I also know from poker) came home. Then her daughter came home (She apparently just graduated highschool....Valadictorian no less). She was cool and we chatted a bit also while she was getting ready to go play some tennis. The daughter leaves and then a couple of minutes later she comes back asking her mom to come with her for a minute. I see both the lady and her daughter kinda walking back and forth and then she comes to me to tell me what happened. You know typical teenagers and not paying attention.....She backed out of their driveway too fast and nailed the drivers door on my exploder....bbaaaaaaahhh. So Nancy (the lady) apologizes to me along with her daughter (who is now in tears, so I feel bad). Nancy then tells me that they will pay to get it fixed and not to go through insurance because that would just shove her daughters rates through the roof and hell I trust them fully, not to mention I know where to find them if they tried to back out. Well this happened almost a month ago and I am finally getting quotes and holey hell they up there. Of course one company gave me a quote and I swear I must have looked like a gullible woman because it is like $700 more then the others hahaha. Ok now that I have ranted about that I will leave you alone.
New Mug

ZOMG Life is Way Toooooo Busy Somedays

Where the hell is the time going? If time goes by this fast when one is pov then hell what will it be like when I manage to have a child????? So I have been working my butt off at Michaels and hell it still is only part time at the moment, but we are getting closer and closer to fall and closer to the high possibility of getting full time.

Our Vegas trip is just around the corner and less then 2 weeks away. We finally got all the paperwork telling us what airline and when we leave and where we are staying at. I think our flight here from Denver leaves at like 6am via Southwest airlines (zomg) and then we are staying in the oh so luxurious Sahara hahahaha....Hey at least it was an "almost" free trip right? They also sent us a $40 food certificate for Planet Hollywood and now since we agreed to go to another "here's our timeshare" thing we are getting another $40 dealio for planet hollywood annnnnnnnndddddd a $75 American Express gifty card, wooooooot!!! And we get something else too but I am not all sure what it is.

Besides that I have been running around in my free time getting quotes to fix mah car door. Yeah I might not have posted about that gem. Lemme look in mah past posts and I will post about it in a sec.

Jul. 8th, 2008

Pretty Please

Happy Birthday!!!!!

It's someones birthday today and I wonder who???

Happy Birthday To You Paul!!

Jun. 20th, 2008

New Mug

Procrastination.....It Is I

Most of you may know that Shaun and I are huge procrastinators and heck just opening boxes from when we moved in has seemed like a feat. The main reason a lot have not been opened is because we technically have one less bedroom and no bookshelves because we sold them all before we moved. I did get in a mood a couple of months ago and unloaded a bunch of boxes that had books and just stacked them up in the living room. I think this was before I was shoved to part time so we thought we would be able to purchase a bookshelf or two, which is not the case now. We still want to get all the boxes out of the living room though.

So last night I decide that I am going to take a quick gander for the scrapbook albums I purchased to make albums for my mom and her two brothers of their mom and family photos. I really am not sure where they are. I have a suitcase that has all the pics in it laying on the floor in the living room, but have not been in it for a while. I open it up and zomg there are my missing bracelets and earings and jewelry in general. Must have put them in there thinking we would get to that fairly soon after we moved in. Also found were about, oh I dunno, five pairs of shoes that I have been wondering WTF where has they. No luck on the scrapbooks though.

I decide for shits and giggles to look through an open box that my cat lays on all the time. Here is the funny part. When we packed up the rest of our stuff from the Montana house we had Shaun's family over helping pack stuff. Well I love them and all but omg they suck at labeling boxes. I had been missing almost all of my small bowls and my other 4 big glasses. Guess what was in said box that was of course labeled "Living Room?" Yup there they were, along with a cookie jar with some very stale huckleberry candy :( and a couple of coffee mugs and such. It was like xmas hahahaha. So that has got me back in the mood to tear through what is left up in the living room and have it exiled to the basement whatever we cannot put up at the particular moment because of lack of fundage.

All we truly need is a couple of bookshelves, but we want nice ones and well that costs money. Actually we need a whole furniture set for said living room because we have never had a living room and family room.

Jun. 14th, 2008

Pretty Please

Work...There it is -->

You know the only thing bad about working in a craft store is when you want to buy the entire store. Especially when people are constantly bringing their stuff up to the registers for you to see hahaahaha.

I did finally give in and bought oh about $10.00 worth of scrapbook pages and they we still on sale for .25 each. Sooooo needless to say I got a lots of paper. I should have gotten more, but I really was not too sure how much I should actually spend.

But I did avoid the giant cupcake cake pan that I really really wanted, but ya know it still was $15.00 after the half off coupon.

Jun. 9th, 2008



My new job at Michaels is going well. Like most other craft store jobs I have done, which was two others, there is always that one crotchity gray haired lady that you want to strangle, because they are grumpy as hell and you really wonder how they are still working there KWIM? But we also have a crotchity old guy that is hard of hearing who works on the floor hahaha, nice huh? Annnnd he is grumpy with the customers and won't even take the time, like he is supposed to, to go and find what they are looking for. Hellllllloooo this is your f'ing job dude haha. Besides that everyone else is cool and really nice and so far so good I am actually enjoying it. I have a feeling that I might be stuck on the registers more, but that is my fault for actually being good on them hah.

Still have not gotten the actual full time job that I really do need though and it is going to nail us soon if that does not change.

Other then that not much else going on as of yet.

Oh but I will take a pic of the backyard today and hopefully get it posted soonly either today or tomorrow. I need desperately to clean my stinking desk.

May. 23rd, 2008

New Mug

I Could Have Sworn I Did Not Move to Kansas, Texas or Oklahoma

WTF tornado. We had one yesterday, actually 7 touched down within our little valleys that are connected here. Apparently one particular town has kinda been leveled. We did not see since we were on our way out to come to Montana. Funny thing is we did not even know about it until my father-in-law called and asked if we were ok. The main tornado was I do believe an F4 and was like a mile to mile and a half wide and touched down I do believe the other town is like 10 miles from us. Of course I had been out in this interesting weather because I had to take the dog to the vet and then over to the boarding facility and I guess was just not paying attention to the sky when I was coming back because I soooooooo should have seen it. When we were driving along the interstate, right outside of FT. Collins we saw where it obviously crossed because the power poles were all sideways and the lines were laying on the ground. Not to mention all the debris around also. As we were driving along this stretch we could see another funnel forming off in the distance over FT. Collins. Of course I think most of the other funnels were just babies in comparison to the one but still scary I tell ya. I will probably see what I can do to help out when we get back since the town was such a small town and we are sooo close to them. I am sure there is something that I can help with non-monetarily wise. Of course I am way paranoid about my house at the moment until these storms are done and gone through. Now I bring you a picture of teh sky while driving down the freeway.....No funnel because those pics are on the other camera and I don't have the cord.

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